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Chào mừng bạn đến với trong bài viết về Spa skin care chúng tôi sẽ chia sẻ kinh nghiệm chuyên sâu của mình cung cấp kiến thức chuyên sâu dành cho bạn.

We’re always on the hunt for facial treatments that promise brighter, clearer skin. As facials aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution and our skin’s needs change through the years – from treating acne to extraction, pigmentation and anti-ageing – we put some of the best facials in Singapore (for different skin types) to the test. Read on for our reviews of facial spas and beauty salons in Singapore for you to try.

The Face Place

The treatment: Bespoke Facial Treatment

The first feeling that flushed over me at The Face Place was a serene sense of zen. Located high above the bustling Central Mall at Clarke Quay, I was transported into a tranquil and personal bubble: away from the city noise, assured by the knowledge that every patron is given a generous private space. I never felt hurried nor obliged to move out for it is fully customisable and allows up to three different treatments in one facial for the ultimate pampering experience.

the face place-best facials singapore

But, in all honesty, what really won me over is the Bespoke Facial Treatment; it allows up to three different treatments in one for the ultimate pampering experience. Given my concerns of an oily T-zone coupled with dry, flaky areas, I enjoyed a refreshing OxyJet facial that infuses a pore-refining serum into my skin and a Vitamin C facial that uses ultrasound for the goodness of the vitamin c ampoule to penetrate into deeper layers of the skin. Lastly, the therapist did a soothing and hydrating Cryofacial to seal in all the goodness.

It was 110 minutes of calming and hydrating my dry skin, along with one of the least painful extraction sessions I’ve ever experienced! I daresay I almost fell asleep during this session. Their signature facial massage that uses Guasha and Bojin techniques was utterly relaxing and just what I needed to detox, drain the lymph and ease the tension in my facial muscles. I left The Face Place thoroughly de-stressed and renewed, with a promise to myself that I will certainly return again!

– Zawani Abdul Ghani

The Face Place #12-83 The Central, 8 Eu Tong Sen Street8233 1723 |

SG Face

The treatment: Collagen Facial

I cannot recall when my last facial was, so I was mentally preparing myself for some serious extraction and exfoliation at SG Face. While the space might not be ostentatious, the service was welcoming and pleasant. The therapist scrutinised my face before deciding that the Collagen Facial would suit my combination skin best. I have an oily T-zone, but due to frequent wearing of a face mask, my cheeks are prone to dryness and flaking.

The session started with the rudimentary cleanse, scrub and steam, allowing my congested pores to open for easier extraction later on. My nose has never looked this smooth and blackhead-free, and it was even better that it was only a mildly painful extraction.

sg face salon best facials in singapore

I had a calming serum slapped on, along with a face massage, before I was left with a collagen mask on. The cherry on top was a shoulder massage, which really made the facial a deserved one.

A few days after, my skin was slightly sensitive, but with consistent sun protection and moisturisation, my face looked absolutely radiant. This salon facial was exactly what my skin needed after leaving it unpampered for far too long. If you’re looking for a place that’ll rejuvenate your skin, SG Face is definitely a solid suggestion.

– Zawani Abdul Ghani

Don’t miss: The Collagen Facial is available at 50 percent off, for $160 for a first trial, including an eye treatment.

SG Face #03-42 Holland Road Shopping Centre, 211 Holland Avenue6763 9466 | 9723 5409 |

YouTime Facial Retreat Beauty Salon

The treatment: Essence Facial

This was one salon facial that I didn’t want to end. The calmness of it all plus the amazing smells of the products and aromatherapy oils was just perfect.

The lofty studio is beautifully done in neutral tones with a cool view of Robinson Road – who knew it had amazing palm trees? Owner, Keiko, starts the 90-minute session by giving me a lovely warm foot bath. We chat about my skin, and she asks about any issues that I have.

best facials in singapore youtime salon on robinson road

The cleanse, exfoliation and extraction are gentle and it all feels lovely – she carefully selects a suitable exfoliation according to your skin. The iontophoresis treatment was next, which uses gentle electric currents to allow the Vitamin C serum to penetrate deeper into the skin. It all helps towards clearer skin, while also plumping it up.

As an internationally-certified aesthetician, Keiko values natural beauty therapy. Massage is crucial in the effectiveness of her treatments; it helps the pure plant essences to penetrate and improve circulation. My massage used organic rosehip oil and it was so relaxing and releasing. This works especially well on the jawline and hairline, which tend to be tightened due to our lifestyle and stress.

Under a hot gypsum mask, an enriched seaweed serum and anti-ageing herbal mask are applied. The serum and herbal mask help repair skin and increase collagen production, and the self-heating gypsum mask helps the skin to absorb all the goodness. While these are all doing their job, Keiko massages my neck, shoulders and décolletage, using pure essential oils that I get to choose.

In the end, my skin feels plumped and renewed, as does my spirit! This is a perfect option for men and women working in the CBD, and YouTime is open from 8am to 8pm to accommodate working hours.

– Rebecca Bisset

Don’t miss: The 90-minute Essence Facial is now available for $145 (usually $160) for those who quote “Expat Living” when booking

YouTime Facial Retreat #02-04 Oxley Tower, 138 Robinson Road9173 0757 |

Trimmings Salon & Spa

The treatment: Skin Balancing & Hydration Facial

With its beautiful setting in a renovated black-and-white, Trimmings is always a calming spot that’s ideal for some relaxing “me-time”. What I loved especially about this 75-minute facial were the firm massage and the thorough extraction. In fact, for the next two days, I could really feel my skin was different and improved.

Elaine offered me a few options as part of the facial, like dermabrasion versus an AHA fruit peel; I chose the latter. She is very thorough with softening the skin using an Oxygen 2% Mask and steam before the extractions. There’s also an eye, neck and décolletage treatment included, as well as a double multi-vitamin mask. There’s also a little “glider” machine that feels a little strange but helps the hyaluronic acid and V-LIFT active boosters penetrate your skin.

Trimmings Spa in Singapore

As an intensive repair facial, this treatment focuses on building stronger and healthier skin by restructuring the basal layer for denser collagen formation. It does this using nourishing ingredients like oxygen, hyaluronic acid and vitamins. With the amazing massage and the little machine, you do feel like you’re getting the product more than skin deep.

Trimmings is also the flagship store for Karin Herzog, stocking a wide range of the brand’s skincare products. They’re all paraben-free, cruelty-free and hypoallergenic – I had the anti-ageing range – and they smell and feel so good! Shop at the salon or at

– Rebecca Bisset

Don’t miss: The Skin Balancing & Hydration Facial is $175 and includes $155 worth of complimentary home care.

Trimmings Salon & Spa 75B Loewen Road8511 5085 |


The treatment: Multi-Modal Accelerated Skin Rejuvenation Therapy

The Astalift outlets are conveniently located in NEX and Plaza Singapura outlets. My main skin concerns have always been pigmentation, dull skin and clogged pores. After an initial consult with Wendy, my therapist, she suggested this treatment.

astalift-facial treatment

First was cleansing my pores and removing dull and dead skin. After a bubble cleanse, Wendy used an advanced AMS (Aqua Microjet System) that delivers powerful jets of fine mist and controlled suction. I could feel my pores being cleaned thoroughly.

Then came my next favourite part of the treatment, a combination of cool-tip Dynamic Pulse Light and Rapid Pulse Technology. Wendy informed me that this would brighten my skin tone and reduce the pigmentation I was concerned about. It would also encourage the regeneration of collagen and elastin fibres.

My final favourite part of the facial was the application of a Specialised Mask; EMS+ technology stimulated the production of natural collagen. This also provided contouring for my face. There were other pleasant touches such as brow trimming, and a facial, shoulder, scalp and neck massage. At the end, a customised application of Astalift skincare products to seal in the rejuvenation.

I left with a natural glow and sheen on my face, and the next day, my skin still looked cleansed and refreshed.

– Patricea Chow

ASTALIFT @ Nex #01-70 Nex, 23 Serangoon Central6481 3937 |

Chez Moi De Beaute

The treatment: Anti-pollution Skin Brightener

I’ve been a regular customer at the beauty salon, Chez Moi De Beaute, for the past year or so. This says a lot, especially as I’m picky with facials due to my sensitive and acne-prone complexion. The location is convenient, the space is clean and the therapists are experienced. What more do I need?

This purifying and brightening treatment is a 90-minute skin detox that’s suitable for all skin conditions. Think of it like a booster that does it all – whether your skin is dull from too much screen time, or feeling congested from the pollution.

beauty salon review ichez moi de beaute beauty salon singapore

The facial begins with a double cleanse. Then, a plasma skin shower sterilises the skin and activates cells to absorb the potent skincare actives that follow. There’s also bearable extraction, plus an oxygen jet peel to cleanse the pores while energising the skin cells. In between, my favourite therapist, Nok, treated me to a heavenly neck and shoulder massage. The pampering ends with the salon’s signature skin regeneration mask, a biocellulose fibre mask formulated with hyaluronic acid and stem cells for complete skin regeneration.

Immediately after the facial, I walked out with clearer and visibly brighter skin with minimal redness. In fact, I felt confident enough to show up for a dinner in town without wearing a smidgen of makeup. I’m still enjoying the effects weeks after!

– Anthia Chng

Don’t miss! Enjoy the facial at a first trial price of $128 instead of $238! Simply quote “Expat Living” when you’re making a booking to redeem this offer.

Chez Moi de Beaute #04-75/65 Far East Plaza, 14 Scotts Road6738 6108 |

We’d also like to introduce you to these facial spas and beauty treatments.

Pablo Blau Medi-Spa

The treatment: Halotherapy Customised Facial

Located in the heart of the city, Pablo Blau is a luxurious medi-spa that combines halotherapy with a line-up of indulgent facials. Also known as salt therapy, halotherapy is an alternative wellness treatment that involves breathing in salt-laden air for detox purposes. Minerals from the salt naturally draw out impurities from the body, thus improving respiratory conditions like asthma, as well as skin-related issues like eczema. For those without such concerns, salt therapy works well as an overall health boost.

Pablo Blau - beauty treatments Singapore facials

For an all-rounded approach to rejuvenation, the 60-minute Halotherapy Customised Facial is our top pick. Tailored to your specific skin concerns, the facial is done in one of the Signature Salt Rooms. The walls are plastered with pharmaceutical-grade dry salt crystals from Europe.

Pablo Blau uses upscale skincare products, chosen based on each customer’s skin type. The customised facial involves a series of steps, which include double cleansing, exfoliation, a few heavenly rounds of face and neck massages, and a hydrating mask for an extra glow.

Special offer! Try the facial at a special price of $59 (worth up to $390)! In addition to this offer, the first 30 customers will get a complimentary Halotherapy Customised Eye Treatment worth $180. Sign up at

Pablo Blau #02-26A Raffles City Shopping Centre 252 North Bridge Road6261 6885 |

Amaris B. Clinic Aesthetic Clinic

The treatment: PICO Clear Skin Laser

A signature treatment at Amaris B. Clinic, PICO Clear Skin Laser is an FDA-approved picosecond laser procedure that helps with stubborn post-acne marks and pigmentation spots. The 450-picosecond pulse is an upgrade from the previous version. Its greater power and shorter pulses give safer, quicker treatments with less downtime.

After consultation with Medical Director Dr Ivan Puah, your face will be cleansed. Numbing cream will then be applied and left on for 30 minutes. For the treatment of acne scars and enlarged pores, the laser penetrates deeper into the skin to deliver pulses that cause tiny globules of air. You may feel a slight stinging effect akin to ant bites, but most patients report that the discomfort is minimal. You may also walk out with redness on your face (especially if you have sensitive skin), which should subside within two days. During recovery, collagen fills up the bubbles and raises indentations caused by the scars, resulting in a visibly smoother appearance.

Amaris B. Clinic 140 Arab Street6536 4211 |

More facials in Singapore

Sense De Belle: Oxygeneo Facial Spa

Tucked among the tailors and costume shops of Far East Plaza, Sense de Belle is a warm, welcoming beauty salon. It’s filled with spa music and the sound of running water totally masking any noise from Scotts Road below.

Sherry promised a relaxing but effective facial, which I was a little dubious about. The first step was a double cleanse, followed by a 30-minute radiofrequency treatment, which was soothing and warming. Halfway through, I was shown a mirror and could definitely see a lifted difference from my nose to outer lip, as well as the sagging jowl area. The heat contracts the collagen, which causes the immediate tightening effect. There is stimulated collagen regrowth over the following months.

Next came the use of Oxygeneo technology, where a special capsule was attached to the massaging tool to exfoliate the skin while infusing it with nutrients. It felt like little bubbles were being rubbed over my face. The extraction afterwards was nearly painless as there were only a few little whiteheads left.

Right after the treatment, my skin felt super soft, firm and plumped up. Just when I thought the days of having a calming facial were over for me, a two-hour session like this has proven me wrong. It was so relaxing and I could see the results! I will be doing this again.

– Danielle Rossetti

Spa Infinity And Elements Wellness: Diamond Black Magnelight Facial Spa

I’m a firm believer that a successful facial isn’t only down to the efficacy of the treatment, but the details that add to the enjoyment of the overall experience. Everything from location and seamless customer service to background music and fresh linen all ticked a box on my pampering checklist at Spa Infinity. That’s the very reason why I’ve been a returning customer for many years.

Trialling the salon’s Diamond Black Magnelight Facial was a first for me, however. Clogged pores and a dull complexion have been two of my main concerns lately. My skin was looking unusually tired and congested, so I decided to step out of my usual routine. This is where I put the detoxifying qualities of magnetised skincare to the test.

The 75-minute treatment began with the usual thorough skin prep – a milk cleanser, light exfoliation and gentle extraction. From there, a quick diamond peel helped to remove dead skin cells and prepare my pores for the magnetic mask. Applied for 10 minutes, then subsequently removed with a magnetic rod, this Dead Sea mask is full of ionised minerals that draw out impurities. It also contains a blend of peptides, natural oils, vitamins and antioxidants that brighten and clarify the skin. As my skin underwent this deep detox, my back and décolletage were massaged into ultimate relaxation.

I confidently walked out of Spa Infinity sans makeup and felt radiant, plump and hydrated. I was armed not only with silky smooth skin but also with helpful tips from my therapist on how to maximise my own skincare routine at home.

– Leanda Rathmell

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